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On “teachable” moments and unreliable narrators

Posted by Jen Vafidis

At the beginning of Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret, a teenage boy asks a teenage girl to go to the movies. Not wanting it to turn into a date, she makes him supremely uncomfortable, in that flirty way that destroys young people who are trying to be straight-forward. A few scenes later, the teenage girl is on the phone with another teenage girl and pithily relates this new development in her friendship with the boy. “What’s that about?” the friend laughs. “I have no idea,” the girl replies with hurtful quickness. Even though I’ve been everyone in that situation before, I’d like to say smugly: I would be nicer now that I’m older. I would be more aware of what I was doing than she is, because I’ve been the boy in that situation too. But the teenage girl isn’t unaware of the whole situation. It’s just that she thinks she’s right when I think she’s wrong. And it’s fascinating to watch. Continue reading


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