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Thurston Moore’s “Benediction” on NPR

Posted by Jason Diamond

Two of the three albums in Thurston Moore’s solo canon are masterpieces (I can’t vouch for the 1999 record, Vouch, because I haven’t listened to it, also because it’s such a massive collaborative effort, that I feel weird calling it ‘solo’).  Psychic Hearts and Trees Outside the Academy are records that are nearly as crucial as any of his work in Sonic Youth (please note the stress on the word “nearly”), and are both full of some of Moore’s most beautiful work.

NPR is currently streaming the first release off his forthcoming solo endeavor, Demolished Thoughts.  It’s lush and lovely, and makes me excited to hear the rest of the album.


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Thurston Moore and Eva Prinz Talk Ecstatic Peace

At Imprint.  Pretty much the best interview you will read today.

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Thurston Moore Makes Everything Better

I liked the Beck Record Club thing before, but Thurston Moore improvising lyrics over Yanni is taking things to a whole new level.

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Thurston Hearts Poetry

Over at Arthur, Thurston Moore and Bryan Coley discuss (among other things) poetry.

Whatever generation it is now of the St. Marks Poetry Project New York School is beyond us, we stopped counting as soon as we saw Anselm Berrigan running the joint, remembering him as a kid banging around the folding chairs at the Project really not that long ago. Time flies in real time and in poet time and the last decade of young poets around that scene has been consistently engaging, though maybe exuding a transitional character that left us waiting for some kind of sick throw down. A recent publication that kind of comes very close to this is Mum Halo by New York City poet John Coletti, published by Rust Buckle Books. Coletti’s a pal of the true hearts writing, ruminating and starving around the historical churchyard on 2nd Ave and 9th street but keeps a slow and low profile. So when Anselm handed us this book we were curious, and when ripping through its pages we were left both stoned-brained and speed-slapped.

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Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #10

Over at Arthur, some news about Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal:

“Issue #10 of Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal will be published and presented at White Columns as an expanded event/exhibition. A stapled issue will be created during the show. Pages from each of the ten journals will be exhibited as enlarged wall pieces, including the heretofore unpublished issue #9, [in keeping with the journals every-third-issue a theme issue, i.e., #3 was themed “cunnilingus,” #6 was “punk,”—with #9’s theme “pot”].”

The entire issue, and the live events are incredibly impressive, and I’m guessing all picked by Moore himself.  I’m interested that John Fahey is among the contributors, since Sonic Youth used one of the late guitar players paintings as the cover for their latest album, The Eternal.  Did Moore acquire some treasure of Fahey’s work?

Reading and performance schedule:

Friday January 15th:
6-8pm. Opening performance: Northampton Wools (Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, Bill Nace)

Saturday January 23rd
7-9pm. Reading: John Giorno, Byron Coley. Performance: Thurston Moore

Friday February 5th
7-9pm. Reading: Edmund Berrigan, Anselm Berrigan. Performance: Thurston Moore

Friday February 19th
7-9pm. Reading: Richard Hell. Performance: Thurston Moore

Thursday February 25th
7-9pm. Reading: Thurston Moore and Anne Waldman accompanied by musicians Ambrose Bye and Devin Waldman

All performances and readings are free, admission on a first-come basis.

Contributors to Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal No. 1-9:
Holly Anderson, Alan Arenius, Barbara Barg, Bill Berkson, David Berman, Bree, Wallace Berman, Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Noel Black, Douglas Blazek, Carla Bozulich, Jack Brewer, Lenny Bruce, Christina Carter, Lisa Carver, Sharon Cheslow, Ira Cohen, Byron Coley, Loren [Mazzacane] Connors, Clark Coolidge, Dennis Cooper, Diego Cortez, Steve Dalachinsky, Georganne Deen, Niki Elliot, John Fahey, Pat Fear, Marie Frankland, Stefano Giovanini, Kim Gordon, Tom Greenwood, S.A. Griffin, Chris Habib, Kathleen Hanna, Twig Harper, Richard Hell, Nick Henry, Ione, Angela Jaeger, Elaine Kahn, David Keenan, Anne-Laure Keib, Richard Kern, Tim Kerr, J. D. King, Kira, Gary Kizer, Jutta Koether, Richard Kostelanetz, Maria Kozik, Richard Krech, Tuli Kupferberg, Kyle Lapidus, Lyn Lifshin, Linda Lerner, Louise Landes Levi, Alan Licht, Karen Lollypop, Lydia Lunch, Ian MacKaye, Gerard Malanga, Dave Markey, Chan Marshall, Gillian McCain, Vince Meghrouni, Richard Meltzer, Maria Mirabal, Rick Moody, George Moore, R. Moore, Thurston Moore, John Morton, Heather Leigh Murray, Eileen Myles, Bill Nace, Ian Nagoski, Hoa Nguyen, Pete Nolan, Dave Nuss, Dylan Nyoukis, Patty Oldenburg, Jeni Olin, Paulin Oliveros, Roberto Opalio, Maurizio Opalio, Gary Panter, Savage Pencil, Charles Plymell, Charles Potts, Edwin Pouncy, June Price, Lee Ranaldo, Joanne Robertson, Gus van Sant, Lynne Savitt, Dan Seward, David Shapiro, Ally Sheedy, Wally Shoup, Leni Sinclair, John Sinclair, Dale Smith, Tom Smith, TV Smitm, Fiona Smyth, Mali Thep, Susie Timmons, Kitty Tomahawk, Chris Touchton, Laki Vazakas, Janine Pommy Vega, Anne Waldman, Weasel Walter, Wooden Wand, Matthew Wascovich, Mike Watt, Valerie Beth Weber, Valerie Webber, Jocko Weyland, Nathan Whiting, A. D. Winans, Joanna Yas, Emma N. Young

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Best Song Right Now: “Feelin’ Fine”, by MV + EE

I used to think that most MV & EE stuff was too hit-or-miss for me to bother picking up, but then 2009 happened to them, and it changed my perception.  Earlier in the year, there was the fantastic Drone Trailer, and now their latest offering on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, Bara Nova, gets pretty close to making me think I’m  listening to Neil Young jam with Royal Trux.

MV + EE, “Feelin’ Fine

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Bites: Winston Churchill’s Valuable Complaints, Searls Edits Walden, Brownstein Questions Thurston Moore, and more

4102494153_43ba02c96e_bSometimes halting eloquence doesn’t fare well when you’re trying to make a complaint.  Winston Churchill faced such a problem at this Scottish hotel, where his letter of misgivings is proudly mounted for guests to see.  I’m hoping that, in addition to showcasing Churchill’s disappointments, they not only addressed their bug problem but started serving lunch food as well.  After all, what distinguished person eats pancakes at mid-day?  For crying out loud, Scotland.

Lit. & The Internet

Moby-Dick Lives

  • California College of the Arts’ Wattis Institute features Moby-Dick, where “artists from around the world are invited to address the key themes of the [book] and the  historical [moment] in which [it was] written.”
  • Damien Searls has, after his foray into whaling territory, has taken on Thoreau’s journals, of which his edits are “meant to showcase the journal as a unified work of literature.”  Conversational Reading weighs in on the new edit, and provides a review.


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