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Morning Bites: Pencil Neck Geeks, Dan Chaon’s tunes, The New Inquiry, pickling stuff, and more

We bet you’re probably still hungover from your Charles Dickens birthday celebration, but it’s time to get back on the horse and party again:  Jules Verne and “Classy” Freddie Blassie were both born on this day.  One of them coined the phrase, “Pencil Necked Geek,” and it wasn’t Verne…

  • Aleksandar Hemon at Guernica on Ethnic identity training for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Rachel Rosenfelt of The New Inquiry is interviewed by the Los Angeles Review of Books blog.  If you’d like to subscribe to The New Inquiry, it only costs two dollars.  You can’t get anything for two dollars.
  • Maybe you should pickle everything?  (Only funny if you’ve seen the Portlandia skit.)

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Two young intellectual dudes talking about Guy Debord

Posted by Jason Diamond

I take back every single time made fun of the New York Times in the past. I take it all back because of one single quote from the piece on The New Inquiry:

“Tim Barker, a junior at Columbia, awkwardly admitted that he, too, had chosen a reading from Debord. (What are the odds?)”

What are the odds that two dudes hanging out in a secret bookstore would both be looking to read a little Guy Debord, that a New York Times reporter would be there for it, and it would record the moment in a manner that usurped ” a bomb was thrown at their motor car. The Archduke pushed it off with his arm,” as the best thing I’ve ever seen in the pages of the Old Gray Lady?

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Morning Bites: Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln, Judy Blume love, The New Inquiry, Faulkner on HBO, and more

That’s Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln for the Dec. 2012 film “Lincoln,” which is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book Team of Rivals.  (Via)

  • “It was the weekly meeting of The New Inquiry, a scrappy online journal and roving clubhouse that functions as an Intellectuals Anonymous of sorts for desperate members of the city’s literary underclass barred from the publishing establishment.” – The New Inquiry gets a big writeup at the New York Times.

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