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Morning Bites: Illustrating Salinger, Ridley and Cormac, Bad Gatsby, Jon Cotner walks, K-Holes, and more

Drawing Holden Caulfield and the people in his life.  (Via Literary Kicks)

  • Rachel Shukert talks about Oprah’s new Hasidic friends at Tablet.
  • Jon Cotner and crew walk through several NYC neighborhoods armed only with “one-line utterances that replace urban anonymity with affection” for BMW Guggenheim Labs.
  • The John Keats connection to now-retired NFL running back Rickey Williams, at The Classical.

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Jay Gatsby Would be Pissed

Posted by Jason Diamond

The 25-room Colonial Revival mansion built in 1902 on Long Island’s Gold Coast and  thought to be the inspiration behind a F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, has been turned into a pile of rubble so a bunch of McMansions could be built where it once stood.

I hope the ghost of Daisy Buchanan haunts the people who end up moving there.

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Guy With Goatee Sums Up Great Gatsby in Sixty Seconds

Thanks to our pals at Lit Drift for this.

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Taking Another Stab at Gatsby

My experiences with Baz Luhrmann films:

1996: took my high school girlfriend to see Romeo + Juliet, hated the movie, and got no play.

2002: got drunk and fell asleep watching Moulin Rouge, but had “Lady Marmalade” stuck in my head for days.

Today, 2010: It was announced last month that Luhrmann acquired the rites to The Great Gatsby and I’m just now reading about this???

Tomorrow, 2010:  I will wake up the same bitter and jaded bastard that I am today, only I will have fully comprehended what I learned the day prior and will be forced to accept it.

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Tranformers 3 plot announced

It’s going to be tough to get fans of the book and representatives of the Fitzgerald estate behind the idea of putting robots in this movie” – “Storyboards from Michael Bay’s The Great Gatsby” (from Cracked.com)

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