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Afternoon Bites: Stephen Fry, Geoff Dyer on criticism, the Month of Letters challenge, and more

“It seems to me that now there could be a real incentive to write negatively. I would be wary if this were to serve as any sort of inducement to write witty and damning phrases. The key thing is the sensitivity of the response and the accuracy of the judgment.” At The Guardian, Geoff Dyer and Anna Baddely discuss criticism. (via MobyLives)

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Indexing: The Stumptown Comics Festival, Karen Russell, Stephen Fry, Ezra Klein, and More!

Tobias Carroll

I spent last weekend in Portland. One of my days there involved a trip to the Stumptown Comics Festival, at which I picked up a number of minicomics. Reviews of several are forthcoming, as are pieces on books picked up at Powell’s, Reading Frenzy, and Microcosm. What follows are brief thoughts on the books I read while there. Continue reading

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