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Morning Bites: Defending Updike, Salem witch trials, Rushkoff’s leap, Chelsea Wolfe, and more

“The faux-democratic ideal of plain-spokenness, the sense that a novelist should not write too beautifully or he sacrifices some vaguely articulated, semi-mystical claim to honesty, is not a million miles away from the Sarah Palin-ish suspicion of east coast liberals, or a Harvard education, or people who know the dates of wars.” – Katie Roiphe feels it necessary to go on the defensive for John Updike on the anniversary of his death.

  • Watch a teaser of the Bill Callahan tour documentary at Pitchfork.

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Morning Bites: When Updike went homophobic, Jami Attenberg, Gessen at #OccupyWallStreet, and more

At Slate, David Haglund takes a look back at a homophobic 1999 book review written by John Updike.  He wasn’t keen on gay people, and he’d already been labeled a misogynist.  Now we’re convinced the only people John Updike liked were Ted Williams and Jewish writers.

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50 Years Ago Today Ted Williams Hit His Last Home Run and John Updike Wrote About It

Posted by Jason Diamond

I’ve said it more than a few times, but “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu” by John Updike is my favorite piece of sports writing ever.  And as pointed out in the New York Times on Sunday, today is the 50th anniversary of Ted Williams last game, and the basis of Updike’s piece.

So for the sake of celebrating, click on the link above and red the piece, or go pick up a copy of the (Chip Kidd designed) edition the Library of America put out earlier in the year.  It’s worth your time: sports fan or not.

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John Updike Fever

2 things:

1. Since the first time I read it, I was in love with John Updike’s 1960 New Yorker piece on Ted Williams’ last game at Fenway Park, “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu.”  So when I heard Library of America was putting out a commemorative edition of the piece in the form of a 64-page book, with artwork by Chip Kidd, I figured I could pony up the fifteen bucks and get a copy.

2. The piece in The Times about combing through Updike’s archives was a pretty great read, and it spawned a tag over on the Times blog: “John Updike at Work.”

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Scenes from the first circle


Hemingway: “John…”

Updike: “Yes Ernest?”

Hemingway: “They ummm, made a television show from one of your books…”

Updike: “Oh?  Ah.  Yes, I see they did.”

Hemingway: “It’s on after Cougar Town.”

Updike: “Oh?  Hmmm….”

Hemingway: “Gonna watch that one?”

Updike: “Christ no.”

Hemingway: “Ah, yes, yes.  Me neither.”

2 Hours later

Updike: “Ernest, something is troubling me.  Ernest?  Ernest, listen to me dammit!”

Ernest: “Ah?  Yes, yes.  What is it John?”

Updike: “What’s with your grandkids Ernest?

Ernest: “What’s that John?”

Updike: “Your spawn Ernest.  They are imbeciles.  A Moveable Feast was one thing, but these Ernest Hemingway Marinades???”

Hemingway: “Oh, I quite like the Key West one myself.”

Updike: “No you don’t Ernest.”

Hemingway: “Of course I do!  I was just talking to Jack London about it the other day in fact…”

Updike: “You lie Ernest.  London is in the seventh circle and you know damned well we can’t eat anything down here.  You are a liar, and the children of your children are idiots.”

Hemingway: “But…”

Updike: “Exactly.”

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Bites: Chicago reflects, James Ellroy, new Eastwick, Twilight soundtrack, and more

The Guardian looks at literary Chicago, in it’s more “reflective period” in the wake of the Granta issue that focuses on the Windy City.


  • Mental Floss has Kurt Vonnegut reading Breakfast of Champions three years before it’s released. (via 92Y)
  • Three Guys One Book drop an early review of J.M. Coetzee’s upcoming novel, Summertime.


  • Deckfight has a Magnolia Electric Co. mp3 up right now.


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Bites: John Updike rumors, best fiction so far, Billy Clinton still kicking, Leonard Cohen is gonna be alright, and more

A John Updike rumor over at Three Guys One Book




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