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Greatest Books I’ve Never Read #1: “On The Road”

Posted by Nick Curley

In each volume of his bound-to-be-award-winning series “The Greatest Books I’ve Never Read”, avid procrastinator and V1 editor Nick Curley profiles a renowned tome of fiction that, for a variety of reasons, he has not gotten around to completing during his tenure on this earth.  In other words: an almost entirely uninformed book review.  This series aims to be confessional, cathartic, and as embarrassing as possible. It is an inquiry into non-reading where reading should have been: a descent into the illiterate soul. Join him in our shared, faux-bookish plight: we are in this together, and he is dying for your sins.

THIS WEEK’S ADVENTURE: On the Road by Jack Kerouac (Viking, 1957)

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Indexing: Bradbury signs, Gang Gang Dance DJs, Jo Walton’s “Among Others,” Johnny after The Smiths, and much more

A roundup of things consumed by our contributors.

Tobias Carroll

“She was looking at a record called Anarchy in the U.K. by a group called the Sex Pistols. It was a very ugly cover, but I am quite interested in anarchism because of The Dispossessed.” That’s from Jo Walton’s Among Others, a novel set in 1979 about a young woman named Morwenna attending an English boarding school. She reads voraciously; she expounds at length on the science fiction and fantasy that she’s encountering, and this has the side effect of making me want to revisit the Roger Zelazny and Anne McCaffrey novels that I read in my teens. (It also convinced me to pick up the snazzy new reissue of Alan Garner’s Red Shift.) But it isn’t just a celebration of reading: there’s a story here involving her long-separated parents, each of whom is damaged in their own way; there’s the story of Morwenna coming to terms with the death of her twin sister; there’s the story of how Morwenna seeks out a community. And there’s low-key magic running throughout, sometimes at the fringes, sometimes at the center of everything. It’s a subtle and sometimes — oftentimes — wrenching book, and reading it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Continue reading


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Morning Bites: Slaughterhouse-Five is banned, Eggers on Sendak, Andrew Bird does Kermit, and more

Kurt Vonnegut is BANNED in Missouri.

  • Dave Eggers writes about the first book Maurice Sendak has written and illustrated in three decades at Vanity Fair. 
  • Andrew Bird channels Kermit T. Frog.  Between the Sendak profile, a bunch of beach read suggestions, and “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” what else do you need to make this an amazing weekend???

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Johnny Depp: Man of Other Peoples Letters

Posted by Jason Diamond

I’ve never really cared that much about Jonny Depp.  I never watched 21 Jump Street, so I don’t harbor feelings of nostalgia; I know he worked with Brando, but Don Juan DeMarco is an unwatchable film, and frankly, he looks like a total douchebag.  I was also quite jealous after reading the Vanity Fair interview between him and Patti Smith, that Depp is the owner of letters and manuscripts written by people like Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac and Arthur Rimbaud.

Why do rich people want to own these sorts of things?  Does Johnny Depp sometimes suffer from lack of inspiration, so he thinks to himself, “I’m going to go look at that bar napkin that Kerouac scribbled shitty poetry about his childhood puppy on”?

Also, why is Patti Smith interviewing Johnny Depp and not the other way around?  What kind of a world is this???


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Random Thanksgiving Bites: Punk Photographers, Victorian Veggies, Leftovers, Thankful for Kerouac, and More

  • The case for a weeks worth of meals involving your Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • Jacket Copy are thankful for Jack Kerouac.  “as much as the pilgrims and the codifiers of American holidays, Jack Kerouac showed us America in a way.”

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Bites: Kerouac “Misunderstood”, Fictionaut, Gore Vidal Sitting, Xiu Xiu Returns, Ghosts, and more.

The Rumpus says of Jack Kerouac that “you’d be pressed to find a more quoted, misunderstood, revered, and culturally significant icon of the latter half of the 20th century.”  Yeh.



2 more days till Halloween

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Bites: Harry Potter parties, they just can’t let old Jackie rest, Thomas Pynchon at the stroke of twelve, and more

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