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The Week In Reviews: Jay-Z at Carnegie Hall, the journalism of Charles Dickens, Edward St Aubyn’s prose, and more

A weekly appreciation for the art of the review.

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Morning Bites: Rachel Maddow’s Steinbeck Award, Dickens’ Google Doodle, Adam Wilson’s playlist, and more

Rachel Maddow wins the John Steinbeck Award.  She’s now in the same league as Studs Terkel, Joan Baez, and The Boss.

  • Adam Wilson gets interviewed about his forthcoming novel, Flatscreen.  Lots of talk about music.

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Morning Bites: Books for yuppies, Amy Klein at The Awl, postcards, and much more

We forgot this one from two days ago, but since we’ve opened each day with Bret Easton Ellis, we might as well act like it’s part of an ongoing theme, so here is a list of “Yuppie lit.” (And yes, American Psycho is included, but the Yuppie Handbook is not.)

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Premature Dickens

Posted by Jason Diamond

Maybe it’s because I’m a Jew, but two things I think need to halt immediately are putting up Christmas lights and/or talking about A Christmas Carol before Thanksgiving.  I know I’m going to get e-mails from angry fans of Chazzy Dickens, but I’m sorry, I just needed to get this off my chest.  No disrespect, Chazzy was a tight bro, but I just had to put it out there.

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Weekend Bites: All Tomorrow’s Magazine Parties, Pank’s Queer Issue, Salinger’s Bio, Great Expectations Cake and More

La Petite Zine Annalemma Magazine are having their release parties together at Bruar Falls on Sunday.

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Weekend Bites: Jami Attenberg in Tijuana, Discussing Reality Hunger, Hating on the Classics, Marc Ribot, and More

  • At HTMLGIANT, Blake Butler and Matthew Simmons discuss Reality Hunger.

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Dickens was a Dark Dude

That’s what Christopher Hitchens says in this essay over at The Atlantic.

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