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Morning Bites: Law & Order birthday, the fate of the OWS library, Rollins for president, Palestinian literature, and more

Happy 70th birthday to Sam Waterston.  You might not know this, but he’s the inspiration behind everything we do.

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Morning Bites: Banjamin Hale goes Greek, Chabon for the kids, Rookie, Jill Abramson, and more

The new issue of Paris Review is out.  Appearances by Lydia Davis, Dennis Cooper, Geoff Dyer, and more.

  • While we were busy cooking hot dogs and celebrating not having to labor, everybody wrote about Tavi Gevinson’s new site Rookie.  We’re excited about it also, so we figured if for some reason you missed out on hearing about it, we just hooked you up.
  • Michael Chabon talks to the Chicago Tribune about his book for kids.  He wanted to call it Go the Fuck to Sleep, but that name was already taken.
  • David Lynch’s influence on today’s music.

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Morning Bites: Harland Miller’s Penguin Classic, NY Indie Bookstores, Maira Kalman and More

The Penguin Classics influenced art of Harland Miller.

  • “I like being on assignment. There’s something exciting about having a mission to go out into the world and report on what I see. Of course it’s a memoir and it’s personal, but I’m also interested in conveying what’s actually going on out there. I see the relationship as concrete, which is why I became  an illustrator as opposed to an artist. I wanted the connection to be grounded in the real world.” – Maira Kalman

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Tonight: Vol. 1 Brooklyn Story Series (Benjamin Hale, Adam Wilson, Julia Jackson)

Tonight we present the first of our new monthly Story Series to take place at the fantastic Brooklyn Winery. We’re excited to be working with our pals from Fortnight Journal to bring you this month’s edition, which we’ve gotta say, is pretty fricken sweet.

Benjamin Hale: Author, The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore.  (Read our interview with Benjamin)

Adam Wilson (Author of the forthcoming novel, “Flatscreen”)

Julia Jackson: Author, Electric Literature contributor (Read Julia’s fiction here)

More info and RSVP available here.

There is a three dollar suggested donation for the event. Feel free to give much more.


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Talking to Benjamin Hale

Posted by Jason Diamond

There comes a point when you know something has begun to slowly reach the masses — or at least the sort of masses you’re comfortable with it reaching.  Last year it was Joshua Cohen’s Witz, or as a bunch of people called it, “the huge Jewish book.”

The other day I told somebody that Benjamin Hale was reading at our upcoming Vol. 1 Brooklyn Story Series (with Adam Wilson and Julia Jackson, on Thursday at Brooklyn Winery.  Co-curated by our friends at Fortnight Journal).  Their reply to me was “Didn’t he write the book about the talking monkey that has sex with a human?”  I noted that it was actually a chimpanzee, and that, yes, they were talking about the same book that the New York Times seemed to like, and that caught the attention of The New Yorker.

Hale’s The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, is a book that deserves your attention.  One person described the book’s plot to me as “reverse Kafkaesque.” When I asked him what he’d meant by that, he said, “dunno, it just sounded right.”  But after finishing the book, I can’t totally disagree with the statement, even if I’m not totally sure what it meant.

Benjamin and I talked about the trepidation that goes along with writing a novel like Bruno, mistaking one King Louie for another, and songs about primates.

The first thing I want to say is that I’m sort of sick of fictional primates being portrayed as funny, and lovable. Bruno seems to be a bit of a curmudgeon… Continue reading


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Bites: Ayn Rand Dating, Norman Mailer Fighting, Denis Johson Reading and More


Ron Hogan wants you to read The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale.

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