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There Will Be Adam Wilson

Posted by Jason Diamond

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Morning Bites: Rachel Maddow’s Steinbeck Award, Dickens’ Google Doodle, Adam Wilson’s playlist, and more

Rachel Maddow wins the John Steinbeck Award.  She’s now in the same league as Studs Terkel, Joan Baez, and The Boss.

  • Adam Wilson gets interviewed about his forthcoming novel, Flatscreen.  Lots of talk about music.

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Indexing: A Canadian copy of Sheila Heti, Punk Planet, Tournament of Books, Adam Wilson, NYRB Classics, and more

Punk Planet 1

Jason Diamond

Bought a bunch of stuff from Quimby’s in Chicago recently, including a copy of Punk Planet #1 from 1994.  I’d actually sent a guy I’d met in an AOL chatroom five dollars by mail in 1997, hoping he would fulfill his promise of sending me that first issue.  I’d been collecting issues of the magazine since somewhere around 1996, and needed the first one to be totally up to date.

He never sent it to me.  His screen name (NationXStates) disappeared, and until a week ago, I never attained issue #1.   Continue reading

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Vol. 1 Brooklyn presents a lot of stuff between February and April

This is a picture of where the magic happens.

Between now and when the flowers start growing, the trees beging greening, and the animals start mating, we’ve got a bunch of events going on.  There will be a few more announced coming up, but in the meantime, we figured we should mention these.  Also, as usual, all events are free.  Continue reading


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Afternoon Bites: Patti Smith, Judge Dredd, Clarice Lispector, and more

Via Alexander Chee, Sven Birkerts on writer’s block: “Mood is relevant, certainly, but it is not sufficient. Mood, the vibration of one’s psychological state — the momentary expression of the felt relation to the world. It is as all-determining and elusive as weather.”

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Indexing: New Directions catalogs, Joseph Heller, two-thirds of Murakami, Green Apple Books, and more

A roundup of things consumed by our editors.  Continue reading

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Morning Bites: Joshua Cohen, The Corrections on HBO, new Atlas Sound, comedy albums, and more

“Describing Joshua Cohen’s wonderful and elliptical novel A Heaven of Others is a bit like attempting to rehash an acid trip—no analysis can quite do justice to the feel of the experience.” – Adam Wilson reviews Joshua Cohen’s A Heaven of Others at Bookforum.

  • Spin picks the 40 greatest comedy albums.  (A certain Vol. 1 editor is a little pissed at the lack of Don Rickles on the list, but what can we do?)
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