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Greatest Books I’ve Never Read #1: “On The Road”

Posted by Nick Curley

In each volume of his bound-to-be-award-winning series “The Greatest Books I’ve Never Read”, avid procrastinator and V1 editor Nick Curley profiles a renowned tome of fiction that, for a variety of reasons, he has not gotten around to completing during his tenure on this earth.  In other words: an almost entirely uninformed book review.  This series aims to be confessional, cathartic, and as embarrassing as possible. It is an inquiry into non-reading where reading should have been: a descent into the illiterate soul. Join him in our shared, faux-bookish plight: we are in this together, and he is dying for your sins.

THIS WEEK’S ADVENTURE: On the Road by Jack Kerouac (Viking, 1957)

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Which Authors Thrill You in Your Bathing Suit Area?

Posted by Nick Curley

Scrolling lists with eye-popping headlines are the mango-on-the-stick of the fruit vending cart that is literary journalism.  “T.S. Eliot’s Ten Girthiest Erections”. “Grad Programs in Order of Proximity to Good Burritos”.  “Super Starred: The Coolest Footnotes of All Time”.  And those are just the freebies that I’m firing off at will!  Pop culture countdowns are notorious among bloggers for their ability to rack up that handful of extra Web 2.0 followers that will pull us all out of this recession.  You link to us, we link to you: it’s reciprocity that feels like that Keanu-Swayze skydiving high five from Point Break.  Incidentally: don’t forget to follow us on the social media platforms below!

It takes a doozy of a list to get me off the cynicism wagon.  That and tastefully showing some skin.  Which brings us to the Atlantic’s “Greatest Literary Figures with Literally the Greatest Figures”.  Sylvia Plath’s bikini!  A shirtless and barrel chested Hemingway inside the boxing ring!  Mary Shelley looking like a dour kitten!  Some people are into that!  And so we put it to you, the loyal commenter: which writer are you crushing on?  Whose jacket cover photo do you smooch and rest beside your pillow like some half-adorable creep?  Who, in a perfect world, would stop tickling the keys of their E. Remington and start tickling you?  Get back to us on this!

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Rose Peddles – The Best of Charlie Rose Interviewing Authors: Slavoj Žižek

Posted by Nick Curley

Case File: Slavoj Zizek
Air Date: October 26th, 2011

Botanica (Summary): In his first appearance on the show, Zizek – Slovenia’s hottest Lacanian philosopher – praises PBS from right outta the gate, while sporting the look and gesticulations of a Muppet born of the Children’s Television Workshop.  This meeting of the minds came last week in the midst of Zizek’s brief but storied tour of our fair city, which included transcribed speeches at St. Mark’s Bookshop and Occupy Wall Street.  The theorist’s infectious vigor makes for ideal talking head TV: light but informative chatter.  Someone put this dude into the next Pixar joint already. Continue reading

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V1’s “Civic Pride: Washington D.C.”: Awesomeness in Action

Above: Fanbase, pre-moshing. Or post-moshing… hard to tell.

When does an event not only live up to its hype, but actually exceeds it? Bowie collaborating with Eno? The last episode of Alf? John Madden’s turducken? We can now add Vol. 1’s “Civic Pride: Washington D.C.” to that distinguished list. Held last Thursday at Greenpoint mecca WORD Brooklyn, Civic Pride’s latest edition was the end-all tribute to the District of Columbia, featuring a stellar line-up of authors and at an atmosphere more electric than the night Minor Threat turned Marion Berry onto Coca-Cola onstage at the 9:30 Club. Let this series of pictures serve as a temptation to those who missed it, and a tribute to our fantastic readers and attendees! You are the dream weavers! CIV-IC PRI-DE. CIV-IC PRI-DE.

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Afternoon Bites: Richard Nash, MFA Haterade, and More!

Richard Nash is maybe the greatest motivational speaker the publishing industry has ever known.  You should spend the part of your afternoon reading his essay.

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TOMORROW: Vol. 1 Presents “CIVIC PRIDE: Washington D.C.” with Nathan Larson, Sara Marcus, Michael Kimball, and Zack Barocas!

Posted by Nick Curley

Vol. 1 Brooklyn‘s obscenely popular quarterly series CIVIC PRIDE, focusing on writers from a specific city or state, returns to WORD Brooklyn tomorrow night!  The editors of the V1 mothership are joined by an outstanding quartet of DC natives: Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think, The Dewey Decimal System), Michael Kimball (Us), Sara Marcus (Girls to the Front), and Zach Barocas (Jawbox, Bells)!  Need we even add that the festivities will also include tons of free beer?  Or that they’ll be hosted by That Man About Town, our own Jason Diamond?

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Vol. 1 Brooklyn Presents: Two Stellar Upcoming Reading Events!

Posted by Nick Curley

First, it’s with great titillation that we can report a thoroughly rad reading put together by your #1 party planners here at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.  The soiree’s taking place this Sunday at 7pm at Book Thug Nation in Williamsburg (100 N. 3rd between Berry and Wythe), and will feature four savagely brilliant guest readers as part of the ongoing book tour of Jamie Iredell and his latest masterpiece, The Book of Freaks:

  • Jamie Iredell lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His writing has been published enthusiastically and reluctantly in various known and unknown forums. He also wrote a book called Prose. Poems. A Novel. which is very hard to find.
  • Jesse Dorris is a writer, editor, and musician. His fiction has appeared in CONJUNCTIONS and THE SALT RIVER REVIEW, as well as in the anthologies LATIN LOVERS and NEW YORK SEX: STORIES.
  • Julia Jackson is working on her MFA in fiction at Brooklyn College, and is a regular contributor for Electric Literature. Continue reading

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