Volume 1 Brooklyn is a multimedia project hell-bent on highlighting the culture that we appreciate.

Founded in 2009, Vol. 1 is a website, an event production company and an indie publishing imprint dedicated to sharing literary culture with the masses.

Our motto: If you’re smart, you might like us.

Founding Editor: Jason Diamond

Managing Editor: Tobias Carroll

Art Director: Margarita Korol

Contributors: Jon Reiss, Emily Goldsher, Jen Vafidis, Nick Curley, Molly Templeton, Abraham Riesman, Josh Spilker, R. Stephen Shodin

Logo by: JOHN Design at JJJJOHN.COM



6 responses to “About

  1. Jordan

    Great site, Jason–

    Can you add an RSS feed for easy-to-see updates on my (and others’) toolbar?



  2. Fort Greene Girl

    Yes, please, where is the RSS feed…?

  3. As a current San Franciscan and a former Brooklynite, thanks. I just discovered the site and am glad I did it.


  4. Jason Diamond

    You have good taste in cities.

  5. This is just the site I’ve been looking for here in the wilds of Queens

  6. Pingback: “How To Cover Danzig” with Volume 1 Brooklyn / Terrascope reviews Anchored | Jon DeRosa

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