A Tale of Two Sauls: Bellow and Alinsky

Posted by Jason Diamond

Bill Maher discussed Newt Gingrich‘s attacks against President Obama and the Left for practicing some brand of liberal radicalism voodoo that Saul Alinsky was supposedly responsible for.  Maher lambasted Gingrich for using Alinsky as a radical Left boogeyman, even though Alinsky was a writer and organizer who stood up for civil rights.  He’s also a guy whose tactics are being used by the same group of people Newt Gingrich is attempting to woo.

But why the heck is that photo titled “Saul Bellow”?  What does Saul Bellow have to do with Saul Alinsky?

This is Saul Bellow: 

This is Saul Alinsky:


Saul Bellow grew up in Chicago

Saul Alinsky grew up in Chicago


Saul Bellow attended the University of Chicago

Saul Alinsky attended the University of Chicago


Saul Bellow was a writer

Saul Alinsky was a writer


Saul Bellow was Jewish

Saul Alinsky was Jewish


Saul Bellow’s name was Saul

Saul Alinsky’s name was Saul


Saul Bellow is dead

Saul Alinsky is dead


Saul Alinsky and Saul Bellow are not the same.  I know it’s easy to confuse two Jewish guys with the same first name who both went to the University of Chicago and went on to write books.  But we just wanted to make it totally clear that they are totally different guys.

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One response to “A Tale of Two Sauls: Bellow and Alinsky

  1. Mike D.

    It’s a pun. He was accusing Gingrich and the right of “bellowing” about “Saul.” Those Chyrons at the bottom of the screen during New Rules aren’t names; they’re jokes.

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