You look like you want to read something

It looks like you’re dragging today.  Back to work from a holiday vacation?  A New Year drinking binge that lasted 72 hours?  Whatever the case, you are obviously behind a computer at this very moment, so maybe read the following things (think of this as Bites on steroids):

1.  Our buddy Sean Doyle has a story called “Chongo the Pimp” up at Freerange.  Read that, then read his Sunday Story from a few months back, “The Huffer.”

2.  The Rumpus never seems to run out of good ideas.  This time around, Letters in the Mail.

3. Full Stop Mag asks Maud Newton some questions that take their cues from a 1939 Partisan Review questionare.

4.  Chloe Caldwell profiles Emily Gould.

5.  The Believer says goodbye to Ed Park.

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