Which Authors Thrill You in Your Bathing Suit Area?

Posted by Nick Curley

Scrolling lists with eye-popping headlines are the mango-on-the-stick of the fruit vending cart that is literary journalism.  “T.S. Eliot’s Ten Girthiest Erections”. “Grad Programs in Order of Proximity to Good Burritos”.  “Super Starred: The Coolest Footnotes of All Time”.  And those are just the freebies that I’m firing off at will!  Pop culture countdowns are notorious among bloggers for their ability to rack up that handful of extra Web 2.0 followers that will pull us all out of this recession.  You link to us, we link to you: it’s reciprocity that feels like that Keanu-Swayze skydiving high five from Point Break.  Incidentally: don’t forget to follow us on the social media platforms below!

It takes a doozy of a list to get me off the cynicism wagon.  That and tastefully showing some skin.  Which brings us to the Atlantic’s “Greatest Literary Figures with Literally the Greatest Figures”.  Sylvia Plath’s bikini!  A shirtless and barrel chested Hemingway inside the boxing ring!  Mary Shelley looking like a dour kitten!  Some people are into that!  And so we put it to you, the loyal commenter: which writer are you crushing on?  Whose jacket cover photo do you smooch and rest beside your pillow like some half-adorable creep?  Who, in a perfect world, would stop tickling the keys of their E. Remington and start tickling you?  Get back to us on this!

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3 responses to “Which Authors Thrill You in Your Bathing Suit Area?

  1. Such a great idea, such terrible execution.

  2. Gabrielle

    whoever wrote this headline deserves a cookie

  3. Jason Diamond

    I was always curious if it was true what they said about Irving Howe. That he had the biggest liver spots…

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