Happy Birthday, Cultural Society

Posted by Tobias Carroll

Earlier this year, the musician and poet Zach Barocas took part in our Washington/Baltimore Civic Pride event. At around the same time, we also interviewed him, along with his bandmates in BELLS≥. Among other things, Barocas runs The Cultural Society, which has released books and music for a decade now. Hence: they’re throwing a party. Details can be found here.

The short version: two events, both taking place this Saturday. First (3 pm), a reading at Poets House, with Brooklyn Copeland, Jon Curley, Sally Delehant, Norman Finkelstein, Chris Glomski, Michael Heller, Eric Hoffman, Philip Jenks, Peter O’Leary, Mark Scroggins, Chuck Stebelton, and Shannon Tharp. That’ll be followed at 8 pm with a concert at Bruar Falls featuring BELLS≥, David Grubbs, Drew O’Doherty, and J. Robbins.


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