David Lynch preps solo debut album with worst title of the year

Posted by Jason Diamond

File this under: Things I will probably listen to in hopes of it sounding like the music from Twin Peaks. (I’m guessing you will then file it under “things that unsurprisingly disappointed me.”)

“Visionary filmmaker David Lynch will make his solo debut as a musical artist this fall with Crazy Clown Time. Produced and written by Lynch, the album’s 14 original songs spotlight him on guitar and vocals. The album will be released on November 8 by independent British label Sunday Best Recordings / PIAS in America.”

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One response to “David Lynch preps solo debut album with worst title of the year

  1. Well, I wish Monsieur Lynch all the best with this project and I know he’s had some successful musical collaborations in the past.

    But his true calling is still cinema and I still remember the powerful aesthetic and emotional effect “Eraserhead” had on me thirty years ago. To my mind, it is still one of the most original and creative American movies of all time and the purest expression of his genius. I’ve got the poster for the movie hanging over the desk in my office, John Nance and his cra-a-azy hair hovering above me as I write.

    Talk about intimidating…

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