Woman talks to “Crime and Punishment”

Posted by Jason Diamond

I don’t believe that is really Fyodor Dostoyevsky talking to her (being that he’s dead and all…), but I’m willing to look past that because I really enjoy the blog Books are My Boyfriend.



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3 responses to “Woman talks to “Crime and Punishment”

  1. Jason, it’s NOT Fyodor Dosteovsky talking to me, it’s CRIME AND PUNISHMENT the book talking to me, much more plausible! Thank you for giving a shout out to my blog and my emotionally unstable Russian classic book boyfriend, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

  2. O before E, Dostoevsky, that’s what I get for posting too fast because I was so jazzed to get a Vol 1. Brooklyn shout-out.

  3. Jason Diamond

    I’m glad that’s cleared up! Either way, great job!

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